Star Wars Egg Slicer – Week 03


This week, I’ve started on modelling the TIE Fighter. I looked online for the dimensions of the actual TIE Fighter to get the correct scale.

As mentioned before, I will be modelling in Houdini – however a tutorial I found on YouTube is in Maya.

No worries, since the basic fundamentals like boolean, extrude is still there. It’s a simple conversion to Houdini.

Besides the tutorial, I also found some reference images to follow.


I started with the wing first. Using a series of boxes and booleans, I modelled one side of the wing.

wing model.png

After this we can use the mirror SOP to duplicate the other side.

For the fuselage, the hard part was creating the frame of the windshield. It has a spherical shape.

First I selected alternate edges and extruded them. To connect the extruded edges to get a circular line, I used the polyloft SOP, using the points function. Because I was only limited to 6 points, I had to use 4 polylofts and merge them together.


Not the prettiest way, but it gets the job done. I don’t really have time to R&D.

After this I extruded the newly connected edges and transformed it to get my shape.

windshield frame extrude.png

I don’t really like to go into too much detail or it will be boring, so here’s my final low poly model:

tie fighter model.png

I spent one whole Sunday on this because I was really rusty with modelling in Houdini. I need to get myself up to speed. Next is texturing which is really hard because I still can’t find the right textures.


I met with Mr Michael in class to update my progress. He said my model is ok and I should begin with trying the FX using placeholder models of the egg slicer and the Dreadnaught first.

So that’s what I’ll be doing for week 4.

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